Education Programs

Child Care Professional

Take the first step towards a rewarding career caring for children in day-care centers and preschools... learn crafts, creative play, nutrition, psychology, and more!


Child Psychology Certificate

This program will help you gain insight to how adult behavior affects children. The objective is to make caregivers more attentive, attuned, and effective. Gain a clearer understanding of Child Psychology as well as techniques for managing social and emotional problems.


English: Comprehensive Skills in Reading and Writing Certificate

Improve your English Skills! Prepare for success by learning to communicate better by phone, in person, by letter, and online.


High School Diploma

This is not a GED. Penn Foster High School is a nationally and regionally accredited online high school. For greater economic opportunity or to continue your education, a high school diploma is a must in today's competitive environment.


High School with Early College Courses Diploma

Earn 15 credits toward your Penn Foster College degree during your High School program! These college courses are included as part of your High School program and will meet the 1st semester requirements of your college program, saving you both time and tuition.


High School with Health Care Concentration Diploma

Healthcare jobs require the minimum of a High School Diploma. Graduates of this program can apply their High School healthcare courses toward a Penn Foster program in Medical Office Assisting, Medical Transcription, or Medical Billing and Coding Manager.


* Offered through Penn Foster College.