Medical Terminology Certificate

Medical Terminology Certificate Program

Program Overview

Earn your Medical Terminology Certificate.

Common medical terminology is a critical part of the language used by health care practitioners. It is essentially a vocabulary that requires a uniform pronunciation, definition, and spelling of terms used by professionals. Individuals with medical terminology training are capable of analyzing and interpreting medical reports related to specific body systems.

Starting Your Program
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Program Goal
To increase students’ knowledge of common medical terminology used by health-care practitioners.

Program Objectives

  • Analyze and interpret medical reports related to specific body systems
  • Identify medical terms and words by their component parts
  • Define the body structure and its systems, cavities, planes, and positions
  • Explain the importance of medical terminology in health-care professions

Terminology for Allied Health Professionals

Author: Sormunen, Carolee

Topical Outline Building Medical Vocabulary
Word Structure and Body Structure
The Integumentary System
The Respiratory System
The Cardiovascular and Hematic Systems
The Digestive System
The Urinary System
The Musculoskeletal System
The Nervous System
The Endocrine System
The Lymphatic System
The Male Reproductive System
The Female Reproductive System
The Sensory System
Medical Reports and Physical Examinations

Computer Specifications
As you know this is an online academic program. This means you will need access to high-speed internet to begin your program. In addition, you will need access to a Microsoft® Windows® based computer running Windows 10® or later or an Apple® Mac® computer running macOS® or later, and an email account to complete this program.


A High School Diploma, Secondary School Diploma, or equivalent is required to enroll in this program.

We reserve the right to change program content and materials when it becomes necessary.